About the hostel


BBBB in Randers is located only about 500 meters from city center in a park-like area with lots of space for outdoor activities, but still close to everything.


BBBB in Randers was until the mid 80's part of Randesr Camping and a location quite far from city center. When the dormatory i ours and the associated building next door were vacant the municipality made it into a dentist clinique...


Before you arrive at the hostel in Randers it is very important that you have recieved the code to the main entrance. If you've booked online the code will be in your confirmation letter. If you do not have your code please contact BBBB at +45 98116044


The hostel has a café with room for about 50 people and may be joined if necessary with the ajacent room bringing capacity up to around 120 people.
Breakfast is available year round, but must be preordered

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